Swaystairs Software

Swaystairs Software is a small, independent software developer that is currently specializing in iOS apps.

Our current apps are:

Color Hints

Color Hints helps to organize colors. Use it to create palettes, swatches, and projects to help organize a project involving color. Color Hints can also search your palettes and swatch for matching or similar colors.

ColorHints Mosaic

ColorHints Mosaic takes a photograph from your photo roll and creates a Mosaic based on that photograph. Choose from 6 tile shapes (circle, diamond, hexagon, etc.) Select a number of tiles and the aspect ratio for the tiles.
A Mosaic can have between 64 and 40,000 tiles. The number of colors used in the Mosaic can also be adjusted and edited. Mosaics can be saved, shared, and printed, including posters up to 200x200 inches.


Use your iPhone or iPad as a clock displaying the largest possible digits. Choose between 4 clock styles and 8 clock colors. The clock can also display the date and day as well as the weather forecast. Set an alarm clock with a snooze function with two built in alarm sounds or choose a song as an alarm. The brightness of the clock can be adjusted or dimmed from dusk to dawn.

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